TrystStarring: Barbara Carrera, David Warner, Louise Fletcher.

Writer/Director: Peter Foldy


I got this film set up by calling a wrong number. I'm not kidding. I came across a friend's name in an article in Variety and called the number listed to say hello. The woman who answered, a film producer, told me that my friend did not work there. For some reason I asked, "So what  do you guys do?"  

"We make films" she replied.  

"Cool, I just finished directing my first feature."

"Good for you" she said, about to hang up.

"Are you looking for any new material?" I prodded.

"We're only interested in Canadian content."

"I'm Canadian."

"What have you got?"

I gave her my best pitch.

"Come in tomorrow."


The next day she optioned my script and a year later this film was in production.


Filmed in Santa Barbara at a beautiful mansion as well as some other great locations, it was a thrill to work with Academy Award winner, Louise Fletcher ("One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest") and the great British actor, David Warner ("Titanic").  Film was beautifully shot by Kurt Brabbee.  


It played on Showtime and sadly it is available on VHS only.