Seeds of DoubtStarring Peter Coyote, Joe Lando, Alberta Watson

Director: Peter Foldy


Shot in Toronto, "Seeds of Doubt" starred the seasoned pro, Peter Coyote and, fresh off his successful television run in "Dr. Quinn-Medicine Woman," Joe Lando. Canadian actress, Alberta Watson was our female lead.


Like most films, the production had its up and downs but overall it was a great experience with a solid crew of nice people and a very talented supporting cast including Frank Moore, Colin Fox and Brooke Johnson.  It was awesome shooting in Toronto. Gave my parents a chance to see what I actually do for a living.


As a side note, I’ve been contacted over the years by a bunch of Joe Lando fans.  Seems there is a rumor going around that a director’s cut of this film exists showing footage of Mr. Lando and Ms. Watson actually “doing the deed” during their love scene.  I can only say that while the love scene was steamy, it was (a) mainly shot with a body double and (b) no “deed” was done during the shooting of the scene.  Sorry, Joe Lando fans.