Midnight WitnessStarring: Maxwell Caulfield, Jan-Michael Vincent, Paul Johansson, Karen Moncrieff and Virginia Mayo.

Writer/Director/Producer:Peter Foldy


My first feature as writer/director.  Written prior to the Rodney King incident, that later event got this movie made after a random meeting with legendary producer, the late Menaham Golan.  


Anytime a film is green lit it's a miracle and "Midnight Witness" was no exception. There were obstacles every step of the way.  An 18 day shoot during a heatwave, we filmed in the desert as well as a couple of days in Vegas where it was 122 degrees--and that was the easy part.


A great cast, two hard working producers, Cheryl Cook and Jim Lotfi, and a generous and helpful Director of Photography, Tom Denove, got me through this in one piece.  


Shot on 35mm this low budget film remains one of my favorite experiences.  I even managed to convince Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees to let me use their huge hit, "To Love Somebody" as the opening and closing song.


The day after we completed it I was on a plane to screen it at a film festival in Milan and later at the Cannes Film Festival in France.  Fun times.


It’s out there on VHS and DVD and the film is currently in syndication through MGM and occasionally pops up on TV.