Hot MovesStarring: Adam Silbar, Michael Zorek, Jill Schoelen, Jeff Fishman, Deborah Richter and Monique Gabrielle.
Co-writer: Peter Foldy
Associate Producer: Peter Foldy

My first produced screenplay, a raunchy teen comedy that did extremely well at the box office and even better on video.  Many on have said that "American Pie" borrowed concepts this film.

It was an amazing experience being a co-writer and an Associate Producer of this “Hot Moves,” working on it for almost a year. Even got to do a tiny cameo role as well as convince the production to rent my 1965 Mustang Convertible.  I think the car made more money than I did.  

The most memorable day? The nude beach scene. About 30 naked women jogging in slow motion ala "Chariot's of Fire." During a pause in filming one of the actresses, Monique Gabrielle, came up to say hello accompanied by a male extra, both of them naked.
"Hi, Peter. Have you met my dad,” she asked.
"Uh... yeah... hi there, Mister Gabrielle. Lovely to meet you, sir. Nice genitals."
(No, I didn't add the last part).

The film is still remembered all these years later.  An article from August 27, 2013 lists it among the 30 Most Memorable Nude Scenes In Movies.

"Hot Moves" was re-released on DVD in 2008 and a couple of cast members, the director and myself participated in the behind-the-scenes commentary.  It was a fun reunion.  

p.s. Everyone kept their clothes on.