Head, Heart & BallsStarring Adam Carolla, Houston Graham and Angelica Magana
Writer/Director: Peter Foldy
A short film dealing with a young man’s debilitating anxiety attack after smoking pot, the experience ultimately empowering him to grow some balls and head off to Woodstock Music Festival in order to lose his virginity with the girl of his dreams.

We made this little film on a very low budget and had some great luck in finding two good producers, Drew Masters and Zach Evans, an excellent cast, some convenient locations and even a name actor in comedian, Adam Carolla, who came in to shoot his scenes on the final day of production, when I had almost given up on securing someone for the role.

Fred Mandel, keyboard player for Elton John, did the score for the film and the great rock and roll photographer, Henry Diltz let us use some of his amazing photos of Woodstock.  “Head, Heart and Balls” played in a number of excellent film festivals including The Valley Film Festival, L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival and Raindance Film Festival in London, England.

The film had recently been picked up for distribution by Snag Films and and can be viewed for free here: http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/head_heart_and_balls_or_why_i_gave_up_smoking_pot