Jamie's SecretWriter/Director: Peter Foldy


Starring: Paul Rudd, Nicolas Read and Lenore Andriel.


My first time directing, ever, this was one of three films I made for the educational market place on subjects that were meant to be conversation starters in high schools.  I was blessed with an amazingly talented cast.  Nicolas Read in the title role, Lenore Andriel as his mom, and this film introduced a young actor that was already getting some heat in Hollywood without ever having been in a movie, Paul Rudd. I believe this was his first time acting on film.  Paul went on to do one more of these for us, with less happier results.


We had a great time shooting this little project. We wrapped it in 4 days and it went on to win a number of awards including Best Film and Best Director at the ICVM awards as well as a Cine Golden Eagle.


Released by Pyramid Films this is hard to find.  Maybe I'll post it on You Tube one of these days.