Widow's KissStarring: Beverly D’Angelo, Mackenzie Astin, Bruce Davison, Dennis Haysbert and Barbara Rush

Co-writer and Director:Peter Foldy


A step up in budget and shooting schedule, "Widow's Kiss" should have been a joy to make but due to a couple of problematic elements, this was a rather tough film to work on.


On the plus side, I had a talented cast led by my former background singer, Beverly D'Angelo.  Actors, Bruce Davison, Dennis Haysbert and Mackenzie Astin, (Patty Duke's son) were also pretty awesome.  Got to work a couple of days with the great Barbara Rush who back in the old days of Hollywood was a movie star who worked played opposite actors such as Paul Newman, Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra.  What a classy lady.


Also made some solid friendships on the crew, including the great script supervisor, Jayne-Ann Tenggren who went on to work on films such as "Star Wars" (Episodes I, II and III) "Boogie Nights," "Road to Perdition" and most recently, "Skyfall," the last James Bond film.   


"Widow's Kiss" was an HBO World Premier.  It is around on VHS but sadly the film got tied up in some bankruptcy and has never been released on DVD.  Maybe one day.